Ultimate Guide on Developing a Social Media Design

by Brian Torres
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Wake up. Check social media. Go to sleep. Repeat. We are constantly on our phones and social media have become such a big part of our daily routine and no one could deny it. We spend most of our time scrolling down these apps and we are constantly exposed to brands selling their products and services through them, hence why it is so important to include them in an advertisement campaign. 

If you are a business owner or a community manager, then you must know that marketing and digital advertisement is a huge way to increase your visibility and to position your brand online. Keep reading in order to know more about a proper development on social media design! 

  1. Start with a social media strategy!  

Planification may be the key to develop an amazing social media design. There are some things you must get straight before getting your hands into it. Review what your main goals are and what you would like to achieve in order to consider you social media strategy successful. Take a look at your audience: what do they like the most? How do they interact with your brand? You must think of everything before developing it. 

  1. Briefs and schedules will be your best friend! 

Once you have an idea of the target audience you will approach, it is time to create your content calendar and organize your design process. Write a list of all the content you would like for everyone to see from the products and services you offer to the paying methods. Remember to look at your competitors’ social media in order to get a sample of how the direct to their audience. 

  1. Content  

This one may seem pretty easy as it is obvious that you are going to promote your work and try to sell your products, but it is not as simple as it seems, and it takes a lot of effort from the designers and marketing experts. In order to get your audience’s attention, you should have at least three types of different content display on your social media: educational (where you teach your audience something), entertainment (being spontaneous sometimes could be very helpful) and persuade (this one has a great impact on the audience’s mind as it is pretty straightforward, and it speaks almost directly to them). 

Extra tip: Remember that the content of your social media has to generate engagement and connection between your brand and the potential customers is expected). 

  1. Getting started 

Your social media profile should represent your brand’s values. You should be able to let the target audience know who you are and what you do. Pay attention to the visual aesthetic of your profile: is it good? Does it represent what your brand’s all about? Sometimes the key to a good social media design is developing a successful brand identity. Take some important decisions such as the typography and the colors your brand will be known for.  

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