Stamp Types That You Should Know

by Nathan Lee
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One of the must have item on your office desk is a stamp. There are various types of stamps. One of the most beneficial stamps that is mainly used in companies are a company stamp. A company stamp is the type of stamp that marks the company name and logo onto important documents that need to be authorized so that it can maintain its authenticity and assures the company’s responsibility upon any decision made that is written on a document. However, stamps’ uses are not only limited to that. Stamps can be beneficial for many other purposes and can help workers to work more effectively around the office. Other than a company stamp in Singapore, common stamps can be used for organizing documents, or simplifying jobs such as signing documents by turning the signature of an authority as a stamp. In order to have the best stamp for your daily needs, here are several types of stamps that you can choose to make.

  1. Plastic self-inking stamp

A plastic self inking stamp is the kind of stamp that is made from plastic and does not require a separate ink pad. It is simple to use and easy to carry around. The ink cartridge is replaceable so that you won’t have to worry if it runs out. It can produce up 10 10000 imprints depending on its brand and how much ink it can carry. It ensures perfect marking in each of its uses and it is very beneficial for your daily needs. Compared to a rubber wooden stamp, this type of stamp produces a better image.

  1. Wood handle stamp

This is one of the most basic types of stamps that has been used for many years. It is easily found everywhere and is possibly the cheapest stamp one can make. The handle is made from wood and sometimes it is rather less durable than the plastic stamp.

  1. Metal self inking stamp

It’s not much different from plastic self-inking stamp, just the material of the handle and body. It is made out of metal and this is the stamp with the highest durability. It is best used for the rough working environment and often not very needed for office work. A metal self inking stamp can stamp high-quality imprint and it is also available for any ink color of your choice.

  1. Embossers

It is a slightly different type of stamp. Instead of using ink, it creates an indentation on the paper. The paper turns textured and is left permanent with said indentation with a shape of your choice. It gives off a more professional and elegant look. However, it is possibly more expensive than common stamps with ink. This is more appropriate for very important documents and probably uncommon for daily use. Not all types of paper can be used for embossers. It is most likely most compatible with thicker paper or premium paper with higher quality because if a paper is too thin, it will tear and ruin the whole document instead.

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