Important Aspects to Consider Before You Buy an Easel Stand

by Brian Torres
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Depending on your preferences and the medium that you use for painting, the best type of Singapore easel stand for you may vary. If you are not aware of the many types of easel stand, then this is the perfect time for you to get to know them and decide which one is the most suitable for your working style and also budget. 


Some artists use oil based paints, some are water based. Of course, water based paints are runnier and the oil based paints are more viscous. The oil based paints are easier to handle, meanwhile, the water based paints are runny. If you are using runny paints, then you can’t choose an upright easel stand. Instead, you need one that can be angled so that the paint won’t come running down the canvas. 

Working Space 

The working space that you have is also a deciding factor. Some easel stand types are bulky and large, thus they need more space since they are also difficult to fold and store so you will have to let them be even when you are not using them. 

Indoors vs Outdoors 

Are you the type of artist who prefers to work indoors? Or maybe you like it better outside? If you like it better inside, then you can do well with an easel stand that is not very lightweight since you won’t have to move it around from places to places. But if you like to be mobile with your easel stand, then you definitely need one that is easy to handle and lightweight. 

Those mentioned above are some of the important considerations before you get an easel stand. 

There are various types of easel stands that you can choose, as you might have already known. 

Most people choose to use the A frame easel stand or lyre easel stand because it is one of the most affordable and decent. It is not too heavy yet still sturdy enough for comfortable working. It supports quite a large canvas so you won’t really have to worry if you work with average sized canvases. 

But if you work with larger canvases and require a sturdier easel stand, then consider getting an H frame easel. It is strong and sturdy, and of course, it is made from a material that is durable. Because of this, it is not so easy to fold or move. So for this type of easel stand, you have to have a spacious working place. 

Or, if you are only starting out and needing a cheap yet okay easel stand, then consider a single mast easel stand. This type of easel stand is the one that is very often used by art students or beginners because it is simple, easy to transport, and definitely affordable. 

For watercolor artists, don’t worry. There is the tabletop easel stand that can be adjustable to the angle you like whether you want it to be completely flat or a little raised. It is compact and just perfect for water based mediums.

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