Follow these 4 Tips to Make an Appealing Sticker!

by Brian Torres
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Why you still make an uninteresting sticker rather than create an appealing one? You can make an eye-catching sticker and taking advantage to attract people’s attention through it! Stickers can be used for a variety of purposes such as decoration, campaign, or even an advertising media. That’s why you need to make it noticeable. So if you are interested to create an eye-catching sticker, you can consider following these 4 tips to help you create the great one!

1. Your Design Plays The Important Role

When you decide to make a good sticker, never underestimate the power of the design! It’s one of the foundations when you making a sticker, that’s why it plays an important role. But to make an eye-catching sticker, it required an interesting design. If you can operate Adobe, Corel, or other design apps, you can prefer to make it by yourself! However, if you need the professional skills to help you to make a design, don’t be hesitate to ask the designer for any help.

Note: Prepare the things you wanna deliver through your design. Having no idea about it will make you confused, especially if you hire a designer to help you create the design. Understanding it will be important for you since you will explain your needs to a designer. Then, prepare for an extra budget if you hire a designer.

2. The Color Has a Power!

Believe it or not, the color has the power to create an eye-catching sticker! It also helps you to deliver the things or impression that you wanna present on your sticker. Since color has a psychological effect, considering using it might be worth it for you. So, finding out information about every color and its effect first, then pick the best color that aligns with the things or impression you wanna present through the sticker. For example. if you want to give a professional impression, prefer to set the black color to dominate your sticker. That’s why extra time and effort needed to determine the color to fits with your needs.

3. The Phrase and Message

Another thing you can rely on to catch the attention is the phrase and message. Sometimes, the words can directly catch attention and attract curiosity, once people glace on it. This usually occurs in the case of a campaign sticker. Perhaps you can choose to put the slogan or motto on your sticker. But, don’t forget to choose the right typography once you decide to put any phrase or message on it

4. Printing Quality Determine the Last Result!

The result of your sticker will be determined by the printing quality. You can print your sticker by yourself, but you probably end up with the same type of sticker. If you wanna make the different type of sticker (UV sticker, the transparent one, etc) or ensure that you will have a good quality sticker printing, you should consider finding the sticker printing service. Singapore Sticker Printing can be your option since they offer various types of sticker printing at competitive prices and great quality results!

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