Avail Company Secretarial Services to Make Your Company Vision into Reality

by Nathan Lee
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Do you wish to make your company vision and objective in reality? Do you think that you have all sorts of resources to do so? Do you have a company secretary? If you say yes to all these questions, then you are not so far from your goals. However, if you have not a secretary to handle your business tasks, then it is quite doubtful to make your business a profitable one. Keep in mind that one of the best ingredients required to make your company objectives happen is having excellent and knowledgeable people with you.

Almost all the business owners make a big mistake in this regard and feeling sorry afterward. If your business is in Singapore, then you should first fill up the office secretary post to stand out from the massive crowd. Already established company does not confront any issues in hiring a secretary. In the case of startup or offshore business, hiring someone specially to handle administrative tasks is quite expensive. However, there are no chances of worrying about anything when you have the option of outsourcing company secretary service. In this service, you can get the best quality of secretary service at an affordable price.

Responsibilities of the company secretary

When you hire the corporate secretary service, experienced professionals will handle the following tasks and do their best in everything to achieve your business goals.

  • Prepare and file the company’s annual return
  • Manage directors and shareholders registrations
  • Prepare minutes of board meetings/annual meetings and agenda
  • Verifying company registration
  • Maintain the constitutional book
  • Receiving all the government mail with the registered company address
  • Communicating with shareholders and paying interest/dividend
  • Offering professional advice and guidance

Benefits you can avail from company secretary service

Top private limited companies in Singapore offer company secretary services. When you hire their service, you will enjoy numerous benefits. The first benefit you get from their assistance is eliminating the need for internal training to on the in-house secretary. It means you need not spend time and resources to groom their skill based on your needs. Additionally, you need not make them understand all the ins and outs of the requirements of the Singapore market. Since they know the ways to deliver the best quality result, you can get their assistance quickly.

Apart from saving time, you can even save more money because you need not spend anything on internal employee training. Hire the experienced person and stay away from incentives, insurances, and much more benefits. The professional secretary service can save you these costs because they charge only an annual fee. In some case, the first-year service is entirely free. Another great benefit of hiring their service is getting fast service. As they are strict on the deadlines and used to keep promises, you can expect the best service from them, which make your business travel in the right and success path. They also have the talent to handle all sorts of situations, which includes both expected and unexpected ones.

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