4 Ways to Printing a More Attractive Certificate in Singapore

by Nathan Lee
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Certificates are the rewards given to people for their achievement. For this reason, it needs to be attractive and look special so that it can be appropriate for the occasion and fulfill its purpose of giving people the recognition and appreciation of what they have achieved. There are a lot of things that need to be considered as you design a certificate as an award organizer or a graphic designer, from the design itself to the decisions regarding certificate printing in Singapore includes the type of paper used and finishes that look best for the certificate. Designing a certificate does not take a lot of steps. Just make sure that it looks proper and absolutely mistake free. Unfortunately, people often forget about several other aspects of designing especially the decisions that come after that are no less important. Here, you will find several other designing tips for the best looking certificate possible.

1. Emboss Correctly

Embossing or debossing are the type of finishes that can be applied to a paper. Embossing elevates the surface of the paper, while debossing does the opposite. Two pieces of metal sandwich the paper of certificate and leave the imprint of the design onto the paper. Embossing pushes the underside toward the upper, while debossing does it the other way around.

Embossing or debossing is common for certification printing. It can really give a distinct look and make the certificate appear more elegant. Remember to use embossing or debossing sparingly, only to accentuate a certain part of the certificate. Never overdo it. Embossing or debossing is best for the logo, header text, name, or certain patterns or embellishments.

2. Metallic Foil Stamp

Metallic foil stamping or hot foil stamping can be a really good final touch for a certificate. First, you have to decide which part you want to use this on, such as a certain text, image, or a specific shape. The way it works is by stamping a heated die onto the paper stock. It leaves a pronounced sheen and it looks more smooth than a metallic ink, making it appear glimmering that makes your certificate look more sophisticated and elegant. You are free to choose colors for this depending on the award or the occasion.

3. Metallic Ink

Other than the foil stamp, a metallic ink can also be your choice. It gives a not so different effect, although slightly lacking in luster. However, it definitely looks more luxurious than standard CMYK colors. Metallic ink contains a slight metal amount which allows it to give off that shiny look, such as aluminum, bronze, zink, or copper. It is cheaper than foil stamping, and it is easier to design with.

4. Avoid Paper Skimping

Choose premium paper as much as possible for the certificates you are printing. Sure, premium quality papers are more expensive, but it is definitely worth the money spent because it can help your design appear better and it gives off a different feel as well, making your certificate look more proper and precious.

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