4 Things You Can do for an Attractive Postcard

by Brian Torres
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Thinking of more ways to market your business toward your target customers? Wanting a marketing tool that is affordable yet effective? It sounds like you’re looking for postcard printing. Postcard printing is still popular despite sounding old school. Poster printing as a part of traditional marketing still and will always find a niche in the market. A lot of small to medium sized businesses benefit from this marketing tool.  

If you’re intrigued, then you have to know these three things that make your postcard look outstanding and irresistible. 

1. Use High Quality Images 

You can’t miss out on using images or photographs for your postcard. Of course, the images that you insert into your postcard must be relevant to your promotion or marketing message. But more importantly, it needs to be of high quality. When you design, you have to pay attention to the resolution of the image that you insert into the postcard design. It needs to be at least 300 dpi. Higher is better. No matter how sophisticated the postcard printing equipment in the printing service are, if the design is not great, then you won’t be able to get the results that you want. Always keep this in mind as you work on it. 

2. Plan the Content  

Think thoroughly regarding the content of your postcard. It is a marketing tool of a limited size, so an effective utilization of the available space is important. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make your postcard look stuffy with a lot of words. So, you have to know what to be conveyed and what not to. Most importantly, you have to focus on one promotion each postcard. Don’t stuff everything into one tiny space because it will make your postcard look cluttered and unattractive. 

3. Design and Print Both Sides 

Don’t forget that your postcard has two sides you can design and print. So, make the most of it by designing and printing the two sides of the postcard. You will make your postcard look greater, more convincing, and trusted. You can use the front part for attracting people using compelling images and intriguing headlines. Then, the back side can be used to provide information for the target audiences. Remember when designing a postcard, it is better to settle for a simple and minimalistic design so that it doesn’t seem confusing. Moreover, that seems to be the trend these days.  

4. Coat Your Postcard 

Coating your postcard will make it look shinier, glossier, and it will also make your postcard last longer since it will be able to survive damages better, such as from moisture and other things. The only downside to this is that your postcard won’t be easy to write on. Actually, it might be entirely impossible especially with UV coating. However, don’t worry. You can solve this problem by only coating the front side and leave the back side uncoated so that people or your target audience can take note on it anywhere and anytime they want without difficulties. 

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